Milo Sykes

Full Name: Milo "Dini" Rudder Sykes

Birth Day: July 30, 2006 in Cary, NC

Breed: Cockapoo - well, technically, he's a Cockapoo-poo since his Daddy was a Poodle and his Mama was a Cockapoo.

Race: White with summer peach and cafe au lait stains

Weight: 15 lbs in the summer; 16-17 lbs in the winter

Favorite Color: Yellow. that's right, we're convinced he can see color. When given different colored toys, he will ALWAYS go for the yellow one over the others.

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball - the little ones he can catch in his mouth.

Favorite Bone: Chocolate Nylabone - he must chew on this after each meal. Seriously. After he eats, he will find this bone, even if it means tracking it down in the house. If it's on the bed and he can't reach it, he will stand at the bed and cry until someone gives it to him.

Favorite Treat: Old Mother Hubbard Peanut Butter Treats or just plain ol' Milk Bones - he's accustomed to a nightly snack. Around 8pm every night, he'll go stand at his treat jar and cry - he knows it's time for his treat!

Occupation: Full-Time Evil Intruder Attacker/Protector of Mommy and Daddy; Part-Time Snuggle Bug

Doctor: Dr. Jon Dick at Magnolia Animal Hospital

Favorite Vacation Spot: Grandma and Papa's House or "Everybody's House" at Atlantic Beach, NC

"I can only hope to be half the person my dog thinks I am."


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