Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comfortable in my Skin

My 30th birthday is just over a year away, and this new milestone has prompted me to reflect on my years thus far. I can finally say that I am comfortable in my own skin now more than ever before.

I spent many childhood and teenage years trying to fit in. Trying to fit the mold and be like everyone else. I tried to be cool and do what all the popular people were doing. Keeping up with these folks completely went against my natural personality. I didn't know what that personality was at the time, but now I realize why it was so difficult for me to "fit in". I now realize who I am.
  • I am shy. I am introverted.
  • I am more comfortable with individuals or small groups of people. 
  • I am very uncomfortable in large social situations with people I do not know.
  • I am a homebody. 
  • I like to live a simple life.
  • I have expensive taste. I know what I can and cannot afford. I know how to save my money to buy those things instead of go into debt for them.
  • I am still extremely close with my Mom and talk to her at least twice a day.
  • I am unashamed to worship God and am thankful for a church that allows me to do that freely.
I am comfortable with me. Finally. It has been a long time coming, but I am happier and more at peace with who I am and my place in life than I have ever been.

Who are you? How have you changed through the years?

1 comment:

  1. I am way more comfy in my 30's then 20's or younger. I think as you get older you cut out all the crap. You just don't care as much about what everyone else is doing and you are more focused on yourself, your goals and what's truly important. I'm a a homebody too!



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