Friday, February 24, 2012

Guest Post: Making Sense of Cents

Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents is doing a guest post on my blog today. If you haven't seen her blog, go check it out!

How to Make Your Monthly Budget

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I blog over at Making Sense of Cents. I blog A LOT about personal finance, but I also talk about my life, fashion and my hopes for traveling.

Budgets are very important. I hope you all have one! It's much easier to control your spending when you know where you're coming in every month. There are many ways that you could start your monthly budget.

Without a budget I don't know where I'd be. I'd probably be spending like crazy and I would most likely have credit card debt because I wouldn't know what any of the numbers are.

Things you should keep in mind when making your budget:
  1. Make sure it's realistic. Don't have a budget full of unrealistic expectations. You most likely won't be able to cut your food budget to $50 a month, gas to $0, etc. A budget isn't going to make money grow on trees!
  2. Make realistic cuts every month if you can.
    • Most likely, there are things you can cut. Conserve water, heat, electricity, etc.
    • Don't eat out as much. Try making a meal plan so that you buy only what you need!
    • Cut out any unnecessary cell phone, cable, etc. expenses.
  3. Don't exclude something from your budget when you know that you're going to buy it anyway. For example, DO include entertainment or miscellaneous. Most likely you're going to want to go out with friends, go to the movies, eat out, etc. Something might even come up in your budget. Be prepared!
  4. Allow for room to breathe. This goes hand in hand with the other bullet points.
  5. Last but not least. Look over your budget at the end of the month and see where you came in. Make any adjustments that are needed.

Thanks for reading everyone! Check me out at my blog.


  1. Love it. I always say...budget liberally and then spend conservatively.



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